Shenzhen Viki Trading Co. Ltd

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October 2010, the trade dimension Qi hottest brand in Hong Kong ans into the domestic market, in Shenzhen opened its first store, then go through nearly three years of accumulated precipitation, commerce with business acumen, we found the woman great potential in the field of accessories, single ladies handbags has been unable to meet market demand, therefore, we decided to introduce Elena H, rosabella, nattito time and other brands, products, inclusive, such as handbags, jewelry, watches and seasonal products to develop the concept of Fashion Acessories store, a new “ZAKKA holic” collection store brands have come into being.

June 2013, the first inter-ZAKKA holic founded in Shenzhen city center, then also to the rapid development of Beijing, Qingdao, Nanning, Xi’an, Guiyang, Chengdu, Nanjing and Urumqi and other places have established a number of branches that dominate Japanese and Korean brands in each the total distribution rights of the Chinese market.


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